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Bitlife Online Game
Bitlife Online Game

Bitlife Online Game

What is BitLife?

BitLife, a fantastic creation by Candywriter, is like a virtual life playground tucked away in your mobile phone or computer. Especially, picture it as a game that mirrors real life, where you get to steer a character's journey from infancy to old age.

The fascinating part? Your choices in this digital universe determine the course of your character's life - their job, relationships, and more. Therefore, you will experience countless diverse lives that you decide for yourself.

How to Play BitLife?

Rules of game:

BitLife keeps it simple yet engaging. You will create your own dream life by freely making choices at each stage. However, remember to balance 4 related factors: health, happiness, appearance and intelligence.

Play Process:

You start Bitlife by being born into the game as a baby. Then as you grow up, you face dilemmas and crossroads at each life stage.Your decisions at each juncture shape your character's life.

  • Go to university, work, or join the army
  • Take care of your family, friends and pets relationships
  • Looking for a life partner
  • Personal financial management


BitLife, created by Candywriter, is not just a game. Because more than that, it's a rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of life, all from the comfort of your phone.

So the choices you make steer your character's destiny, shaping their life journey. Whether you seek a fun gaming experience or a learning opportunity, BitLife offers it all. So, why wait? Dive into BitLife and embark on your virtual life journey!