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My Singing Monsters is a video game franchise from the Canada-based studio of Big Blue Bubble. Since its initial launch in 2012, this unique free-to-play video game hybrid has managed to accumulate millions of downloads, followers, and accolades. Its popularity also leads to the development of a sequel called My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire and the My Singing Monsters Composer spin-off.


Music and My Singing Monsters

The success of My Singing Monsters comes not only from its being a free-to-play game but also from its unique gameplay structure. For starters, the game is a hybrid of elements and features inspired by some of the most iconic video game genres in the video industry. Despite falling under the category of music games, My Singing Monsters does not fit any of the four subgenres under music (Music memory games, freeform music games, Hybrid music games, Music Games for Live Performance) making it a class of its own.

In other words, My Singing Monsters is a one-of-a-kind game that combines the elements of music, management, world-building and life simulation in one package. These unique elements play the most part in the game’s success, which includes over a million 5-star ratings and tens of millions of downloads. Therefore, if you are looking for a fun, relaxing, and harmoniously wonderful game you can play on PC, then, look no further than My Singing Monsters.



My Singing Monsters features a unique concept unlike any other monster-collecting or music games out there. A highly addicting game hooks you up from the moment you step into one of the biomes/islands and breed your first singing monster is one way to describe this amazing game. After all, nothing beats collecting and taking care of monsters who are masters of acapella. Check out the overview of some of the top features of the game in the list below.


Detail-Rich Environments in High Definition Graphics

My Singing Monsters is the flagship project of Big Blue Bubble to which the studio spend no expense in making sure that the game is powered with one of the best graphics engine available. This results in a crisp, clear, high-definition presentation that makes even the tiniest detail in each of the islands stand out. Experience an awe-inspiring and stress-relieving musical experience straight from your PC.

Explore, decorate, and populate a diverse selection of highly detailed islands in the game. Enjoy fun character animations and interactive environments.


Brilliant My Singing Monsters Audio

Audio is one of the most important elements in My Singing Monsters. Remove the game’s musical properties and you are left with just another monster simulation game. Similar to an acapella group, each monster in the game comes with its unique tune, which is highly dependent on the island they inhabit.

What makes the game interesting is that each tune blends perfectly with the other monsters. This is impressive given that the game features an ever-growing roster of monsters and islands.


A Plethora of Characters

My Singing Monsters comes with a diverse collection of over 160 types of monsters. The term “Monsters” may be an overstatement because neither of the creatures in the game fits the large, ugly, and frightening description of a monster. Nevertheless, what you get is the cutest, funniest, and most lovable monsters in the world of video games.

Discover, feed, breed, and upgrade monsters in your very own island and earn tons of coins. Create your bakery and produce monster treats ranging from cupcakes, pizza, pie, turkey and so much more. Make your monsters happier by providing their favorite decorations and items.


Breed and Multiply My Singing Monsters

Breeding monsters is another important if not challenging feature in My Singing Monsters. Aside from huge savings on coins, players can also sell duplicate monsters for more coins. The price of each monster is highly dependent on its rarity or classification. There is also a huge chance that a rare creature becomes common thus lowering its value.


Seasonal Events

Since its debut, My Singing Monsters has since double the number of islands and monsters in its collection. Players can now unlock 16 1slands, which is a great improvement from the original eight. In terms of monsters, the 160+ has now ballooned to 212 monsters that players can either buy or breed. Most of the new additions come from the updates brought by the various seasonal events.

Just like breeding your monsters, each seasonal event brings a unique surprise every time, not to mention the new tunes and melodies that come with it.


Unique and Immersive Experience

My Singing Monsters brings a fresh new take on the music genre in video games. By combining various types of gameplay elements and embedding it to its core, Big Blue Bubble was able to come up with a highly immersive game for all ages. Check out this free-to-play game today and start building your collection of these adorable monsters.

My Singing Monsters is a game for all types of players. It’s a unique game that induces the player’s creative side through breeding monsters and designing its habitat. Not to mention, that it comes with an audio-visual presentation that can go head-to-head with AAA games. Try out the game today straight from your PC. Then visit the website for even more Music Games such as SuperStar JYPNATION and SuperStar SMTown!

Game Features

  • High Definition Graphics
  • Unique Gameplay Structure
  • A Plethora of Unlockable Islands and Characters
  • Brilliantly Rendered Audio
  • Free-to-Play
  • … And so much more!

Check out these game screenshots.

My Singing Monsters Screenshot
My Singing Monsters Screenshot

My Singing Monsters Free Music Breeding Game | PC Download