My Singing Monsters
My Singing Monsters: Amber Island
My Singing Monsters: Amber Island

My Singing Monsters: Amber Island

Welcome to the enchanting realm of My Singing Monsters: Amber Island!  In this musical paradise, a new island has emerged, captivating the hearts of players worldwide with its radiant beauty and captivating soundscape

 1. What is My Singing Monsters: Amber Island?

The popular mobile game My Singing Monsters: Amber Island is created by Big Blue Bubble. The goal of the game is for the player to collect and produce a variety of cute and musical monsters known as Singing Monsters. Players can compose tunes by strategically placing different monsters on different islands as each has its own unique sound and song. In this version will appear an Amber island and the surprise will be on this island.

 2. The game play of My Singing Monsters: Amber Island

 1. All of the Fire Monsters are confined to vessels. Select the Vessels you wish to use for the current wave by opening the Wave Menu. See what creatures a Vessel requires by clicking on it. You must breed 12 monsters on remote islands, zap them to the Vessel, and finally complete the inventory. But be cautious! Your vessels will be taken away for the subsequent wave after the timer expires.

 2. To grow monsters on outer islands, click the map icon. To breed a monster, simply select an island and a monster from that island. Following that, you have two options: sell it (get rid of it) or zap it to a vessel!
The vessels in the current wave are displayed in the Wave Menu (fire icon). The Vessels can be positioned on the island to prepare them for zapping. The current Vessels you have will be destroyed if you skip to the following wave to spawn different monsters.

Toggle hint mode by clicking the hint symbol (the '?' icon in the top right). During outer breeding, you may hover over the monsters' symbols to see their names when hint mode is enabled!

A new wave won't remove Kayna's inventory.

On an outer island, only one monster can be bred at once.

 3. Tips and Strategies for Success

Experiment and Learn:

Spend some time learning about the distinctive characteristics and melodies of each Singing Monster on Amber Island. Try out various pairings and configurations to find uncommon and exquisite harmonies.

Organize Your Island:

Place buildings and ornaments in strategic locations on Amber Island to increase the Singing Monsters' musical production. Pay attention to how monsters interact with their favored environments to position them where they will be most effective.

Engage in Breeding:

Use the breeding techniques to produce novel and uncommon Singing Monsters. To boost your chances of obtaining elusive and remarkable species, try out different combinations and keep a look out for special breeding events or promotions.

Events to Attend:

Keep an eye out for unique occasions and contests in My Singing Monsters: Amber Island. These occasions offer thrilling chances to acquire exclusive monsters, receive one-of-a-kind awards, and demonstrate your musical prowess to the world.

Connect and Collaborate:

Join online communities and forums devoted to My Singing Monsters to connect and collaborate. Engage in conversation with other players, learn from their works, and exchange strategies. Collaborate with friends to exchange monsters, unlocking new breeding possibilities and expanding your musical repertoire.

   Now that you know more about My Singing Monsters: Amber Island, you're prepared to go off on a musical voyage where song and imagination converge. Create a musical masterpiece that will touch the hearts of both monsters and tourists by unleashing the lyrical marvels of this enchanted expansion.

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