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Buckshot Roulette - Play Game For Free
Buckshot Roulette - Play Game For Free

Buckshot Roulette - Play Game For Free

The mysterious story behind Buckshot Roulette?

About Buckshot Roulette, Mike Klubnika, a game developer known for creating intense and immersive experiences, is the mastermind behind Buckshot Roulette. He introduced it to the gaming community on on December 29th, 2023. This indie stands out by offering a gritty and suspenseful journey, breaking away from typical gaming norms.

How to Play Buckshot Roulette?

To kick off the game, appoint one reliable player as the dealer, armed with a shotgun and shells. Other players take on the role of gamblers, eagerly awaiting their turn at the roulette table.

Getting Ready:
Before diving into the action, players need to grab a shotgun and shells from the store using their initial allowance of 666. (Shotgun costs 666, and the Ammo is free). Also, make sure there are at least three players ready to participate.

Playing the Game:

In this high-stakes game, two players sit at the table. Determine the wager through a coin toss or a vote. The wager can bet between 1 to 3 drops, aiming to keep their role and increase the chances of knocking out the non-wagerer in the next turn. After placing the bet, the dealer points the loaded shotgun at the non-wagering player, leading to two possible outcomes:

If the shotgun doesn't misfire, the wager loses its role, passing it on to the non-wagerer. The former wager can now only bet a higher number of drops.

If the shotgun misfires, the non-wagerer is out, and the potential wagered drops reset.

When a non-wagerer survives a round, the departing wager must bet their last wager on themselves before passing on the title.


Game Features of Buckshot Roulette:

Immersive tabletop gameplay with minimal UI.
15 to 20-minute playthrough.
Fair AI based on what's on the table.

Unscripted rounds for unpredictable but manageable outcomes.


Visit to play Buckshot Roulette online. Controls are straightforward, mirroring loading and firing a shotgun. Rack the slide, spin the cylinder, aim, and pull the trigger while navigating the mind games.

Tips for Winning Buckshot Roulette:

Luck matters, but strategic thinking helps. Observe your opponent, analyze patterns, and use bluffs. Buckshot Roulette is not just survival; it's about outsmarting your opponent.


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