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Only Up - Online Game
Only Up - Online Game

Only Up - Online Game

Playing Only Up! Mastering the Adventure

Only Up! with a recent milestone of 1 million copies sold! You will transform into the resilient Jack and strategize to conquer the journey to freedom. Like the fairy tale of the Beanstalk, you need to overcome obstacles and climb to the top of victory. Every time you reach a new milestone, more thrilling challenges will appear, but it's guaranteed to keep you fascinated.

How to play Only Up - A Quick Guide to Controls

For those wielding controllers, here's your cheat sheet:

Move: W A S D
Turn around: Mouse
Jump: Space
Run: Shift
Teleport: BILLION
Settings: ESC

The Story Behind Only Up! - A Standout in Gaming

In the ever-changing world of gaming, Only Up! has become a sensation. It's a 3D platformer with cool parkour moves, defying gravity. Released on Steam on May 24, 2023, it made waves in the global gaming community.

Tips to win Only Up! - Make Your Journey Easier

Jump strategy: Plan different jumps—grand leaps, standard jumps, and walking jumps—to avoid frustrating setbacks.

Unlock special features: bouncing on trampolines, riding vehicles, or gliding down slides. These are your secret weapons for overcoming challenges.

Plan your moves strategically: To save time and energy, mapping out your journey before you start will help you avoid frustration and enjoy the ascent to the top.