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Step into the mesmerizing world of music and creativity with Incredibox, a music video game developed and published by the French company So Far So Good (SFSG). Incredibox offers a unique and engaging experience where players can let their inner composer shine by effortlessly dragging and dropping sound icons onto characters to create captivating vocal compositions. Dive into this app, explore various musical atmospheres, and craft your melodies, all while enjoying a seamless and ad-free experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

The core concept of Incredibox revolves around a simple yet captivating gameplay mechanic. Players are presented with a group of characters, each represented by an icon. By intuitively dragging and dropping these icons onto characters, players can orchestrate harmonious singing, resulting in mesmerizing tunes. Conversely, players can halt the singing by removing characters, providing ample room for experimentation and the creation of unique musical arrangements.

Instructions And Enhancements

Incredibox ensures that players are guided through their musical journey with clear instructions on how to interact with the characters and icons. To enhance the auditory experience, the game encourages players to use headphones, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the rich musical elements of the game. The absence of microtransactions and ads ensures uninterrupted hours of musical fun.

Musical Atmospheres

Incredibox presents players with a diverse array of eight musical atmospheres, each with its distinct style and flavor. These atmospheres serve as the backdrop for players to explore, experiment, and compose their musical masterpieces:

  • V1 Alpha: The original, classic beatbox experience that laid the foundation for Incredibox's musical journey. Immerse yourself in old-school beats and frenetic jazz grooves.

  • V2 Little Miss: Dive into the world of hip-hop NYC with syncopated hip-hop beats and groovy melodies.

  • V3 Sunrise: Experience an eclectic mix of influences that keeps the gloom away, featuring diverse and uplifting melodies.

  • V4 The Love: Shake up the dancefloor with an electro set that lights up your parties and transforms you into the hottest DJ.

  • V5 Brazil: Get lost in the infectious beats of samba, batucada, and Carnival, capturing the essence of Brazil's vibrant rhythm.

  • V6 Alive: Explore futuristic and eclectic soundscapes where geek, hip-hop, and Nippon cultures collide, creating a unique groove.

  • V7 Jeevan: Let the hypnotic energy of India take you on a mystical journey with circulating rhythms, mesmerizing drones, and spellbinding voices.

  • V8 Dystopia: Immerse yourself in a dark, cyberpunk fantasy where technology reigns, featuring powerful musical distortions and haunting vocals.

Facts About Incredibox

  • Incredibox has three creators: Programmer Allan Durand, Designer Romain Delambily, and Musician Paul Malburet.

  • The game's logo uses the "Allan" font, which is available for download online.

  • The original Incrediman's design is a caricature version of the game's musician.

  • The game's name, "Incredibox," is a fusion of "Incredible" and "Beatbox."

  • Incredibox was initially developed in Flash but transitioned to a more modern platform in 2019.

  • The first original version was remastered in 2018 to align with the modern Incredibox.

  • The original Flash version is still playable on the official website and features 5 different sound types.

Other Secrets About This App

  • Opening the Incredibox website source code reveals an Incrediman's face made of symbols.

  • In the Flash version, two bonuses from Little Miss had different combos, offering players unique musical experiences.

  • Incredibox had two exclusive versions created in collaboration with Axe Boat festival and M&M's brand, featuring special bonuses and unique voices.

  • These collaboration versions were recreated by the community after their official removal, making them accessible to players on PC.

  • The characters in the fourth version of Incredibox pay homage to the French band Daft Punk, and the version itself is dedicated to France, the developers' home country.

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