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My Singing Monsters: Tips For Playing the Game on PC

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My Singing Monsters follows the basic rules often found in management games. As a basic rule, one must take time to play through the game’s tutorial phase. Despite the fact that most of us want to get directly into the main game, we sometimes fail to realize that the tutorial phase often comes with the necessary knowledge.

This is usually the stage where we generate to take full advantage of the game. Not to mention that the tutorial phase in any Freemium game offers some of the most generous rewards. Thus failing to understand the main game tutorial often results in us getting stuck in the game. Worst if we are left with no resources at all. To that end, we must take into consideration the importance of the tutorial phase on any type of game we play, not just My Singing Monsters.

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Moving forward, if you have already finished playing through the tutorial phase of the game and are looking for other tips to get you through the various levels. Then not to worry as we got you all set. Feel free to browse through some of our tips below to help you out in managing your resources as well as the monsters on your island.

First Tip: Follow Your Goals

One of the most rewarding quests in the game is in the game’s goal list. This list will be introduced to you during the tutorial phase. That is why it is important not to ignore the tutorial. With that out of the way, it is important to check your goals on a regular basis. The reason for this is that most of the time the game will present a new goal that you have already performed.

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When this happens, you need to perform that action once again. That said, as much as we want to make monster combinations or breed new monsters, it is important to take it slow. Also, following the goals to acquire more resources is a thing that you might want to keep.

Second Tip: Take it Easy On the Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency in My Singing Monsters. The thing about this currency is that the game will provide you with a generous amount during the early stages of the game. However, as you progress further, you will find that diamonds are getting harder to acquire. That said, if you do not have plans in spending your hard-earned money into the game, you might consider saving up those diamonds and spend it only when necessary. Remember that My Singing Monsters is a management game, which means that you need to manage everything including your resources.

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