My Singing Monsters

Welcome to, one of the best multiplayer games that promises addictive and exciting gameplay. In this fun and addicting MMO game, you'll find yourself immersed in a colorful world of cells, where you must eat or be eaten to dominate the leaderboard. With just two simple rules to follow, offers a challenging experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Consume smaller targets to evolve and grow, while avoiding larger objects to stay alive. Move strategically through the grid, catching tiny blurs of color, and strive to become the biggest cell in the world. Get ready to show off your reflexes, conquer the arena, and devour other players in thrilling multiplayer action.

How to play

You manage a little cell in the massive grid of other players' cells in the game Your goal is to expand by eating smaller cells strewn across the grid. Your cell will expand as you ingest these little colored dots, enabling you to consume even bigger targets. Larger cells should be avoided, though, as they have the power to engulf you and put an end to your game. The action in the game goes quickly as you constantly maneuver to escape dangers and plan your moves to consume other players.


  • Fast-paced .io game to eat smaller tiles to become bigger
  • Four game modes, including Battle Royale
  • An accounting system
  • Play with your friends in the same arena
  • Can be played in full-screen mode


 Move mouse = move

 W = eject mass

 Space = split

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