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Get ready to dive into the world of Frutball, an enjoyable soccer game that lets you experience the thrill of being a goalkeeper. In this unique game, you'll use your body as the controller, making it a fantastic choice for interactive and engaging gameplay. Take on the role of the goalkeeper and defend the goal against family and friends in friendly matches. Choose from a delightful selection of fruit and veggie goalkeepers, each with their own special ability to block the ball with their hands. With three difficulty levels, including an easy mode suitable for young children, Frutball promises fun and excitement for players of all ages!

How to play

Frutball is a soccer game that allows you to become the goalkeeper and use your hands to block the ball. Here's how you can enjoy this interactive and entertaining game:

  1. Goalkeeper Experience: Step into the shoes of a goalkeeper and defend the goal against your opponents. Use your hands to block the incoming shots.

  2. Body as the Controller: In Frutball, your body becomes the controller. Move and use hand gestures to control your fruit or veggie goalkeeper on the screen.

  3. Friendly Matches: Enjoy friendly matches with family and friends. Take turns defending the goal and see who can make the most impressive saves.

  4. Variety of Goalkeepers: Choose from a variety of fruit and veggie goalkeepers, each with their own unique abilities and charm. Select your favorite to represent you on the field.

  5. Difficulty Levels: Frutball offers three difficulty levels, catering to players of different skill levels. The easy mode is perfect for young children, ensuring enjoyment for players of all ages.


Using Mouse

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