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Idle Sands
Idle Sands

Idle Sands

Step into the calming and rewarding world of Idle Sands, a captivating clicker game that takes you on an idyllic beach-cleaning adventure. In this delightful game, you'll purchase vacuum robots to assist you in cleaning up the sandy shores. Explore the beach, collect valuable items, and dispose of rubbish to restore its natural beauty. Upgrade your robots to boost their efficiency, enabling them to gather more items and dig at a faster pace. Experience the satisfying progression as you transform the beach into a pristine paradise in this addictive idle adventure.


Idle Sands offers a relaxing and engaging gameplay experience, where players embark on a fulfilling journey of cleaning and beautifying the beach.

  1. Vacuum Robot Helpers: Utilize vacuum robots to aid you in the cleaning process and restore the beach's natural splendor.

  2. Explore the Beach: Wander through the sandy shores, uncovering valuable items and identifying areas in need of cleaning.

  3. Collect Valuable Items: As you clean, collect valuable items that contribute to your progress and resource accumulation.

  4. Dispose of Rubbish: Remove rubbish and debris from the beach, one click at a time, to reveal its true beauty.


Using Mouse

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