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Massive Multiplayer Platformer
Massive Multiplayer Platformer

Massive Multiplayer Platformer

Welcome to the adrenaline-pumping world of Massive Multiplayer Platformer, a thrilling multiplayer speedrun game inspired by the renowned Vex series. Get ready to put your platforming skills to the test as you race against other players to complete the course in record time. Run, jump, and navigate the challenging obstacles to mark your time and earn a well-deserved parachute reward. Keep an eye on the rainbow player, who represents the fastest player currently playing, and strive to claim the top spot on the leaderboard. Prepare for a competitive and action-packed multiplayer speedrun experience like no other!


 - Multiplayer Speedrun: Join other players in a massive multiplayer speedrun challenge. The objective is to complete the course as quickly as possible.

 - Navigate Challenging Obstacles: Sprint, jump and maneuver your way through the fast-paced course. Overcome various obstacles and hazards to reach the finish line.

 - Record Your Time: Upon finishing the speed run, your time will be recorded, and you'll be rewarded with a parachute for your accomplishment.

 - Compete for the Fastest Time: Keep an eye on the rainbow player, who represents the current fastest player. Strive to beat their time and climb the ranks on the leaderboard.



  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • Z = crouch
  • Space = jump / use parachute
  • N = show all players names
  • Hold E or R = open Emoji panels
  • Mouseover a player = see their individual name
  • Q + R = reset level for speed runs

Special Moves

  • Hold down then up = high jump
  • Run then quickly press down, then up = long jump
  • On a slope press down and left or right = slide
  • Jump against a wall, then press up again = wall jump

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