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Bounce Back
Bounce Back

Bounce Back

Welcome to Bounce Back, an exciting game where skillful boomerang throwing is the key to survival! In this challenging and action-packed adventure, you'll take control of a boomerang-wielding hero tasked with eliminating enemies and navigating through perilous environments. Created by the talented game developer Frank Force, Bounce Back offers an engaging and immersive experience where precision and timing are essential to conquer each level. Get ready to unleash the power of your boomerang, defeat enemies, and show off your skills in this thrilling and addicting game!

How to play 

In Bounce Back, you play as a heroic character equipped with a boomerang. Your objective is to eliminate enemies scattered throughout each level by skillfully throwing your boomerang. The boomerang will return to you after each throw, providing the opportunity to hit multiple enemies with a single toss.

As you progress, the challenges become increasingly demanding. New enemies with different behaviors and abilities will test your boomerang-throwing skills. Additionally, you'll encounter various environmental obstacles that require clever tactics and precise timing to overcome.


  1. Boomerang Action: Experience fast-paced and skillful boomerang-throwing gameplay.

  2. Enemies and Obstacles: Face diverse enemies and navigate through challenging obstacles.

  3. Precision and Timing: Master precise aiming and timing to defeat enemies and avoid hazards.

  4. Level Design: Explore well-designed levels with increasing difficulty and complexity.

  5. Addictive Gameplay: Get hooked on the addictive and satisfying gameplay mechanics.


Using Mouse

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