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Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure
Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Get ready for a thrilling and explosive driving adventure in Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure. In this survival game, you'll find yourself navigating treacherous 2D levels set within the fiery depths of a volcanic pit. Take control of your mobile fossil, evade enemies and traps, and collect rubies to upgrade your vehicle and increase its strength for the challenges that lie ahead. Brace yourself for a high-speed, adrenaline-fueled journey through a volcanic inferno!

The game play of Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Battle and evade enemies to survive

A wheel spin at the beginning of each level can provide up to three temporary power-ups. Navigate your vehicle through each level while dodging obstacles, collecting bonuses, and dropping bombs on adversaries. If your health reaches 0, the game is ended.

Upgrade your vehicle to make it stronger

There are numerous improvements for your skeleton-on-wheels available in the garage. Purchase them using the red rubies you earn at each level. The attack damage, speed, boosts, and armor can all be upgraded. In order to help you defeat your enemies that live inside volcanoes, you can also add new weapons and bombs.


 W / up arrow key = accelerate

 S / down arrow key = reverse

 A / left arrow key = lean back

 D / right arrow key = lean forward

 Space = bombs

 Z / X = turbo

 Left-click = press the menu button

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