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CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots
CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots

CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots

Welcome to the thrilling world of CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots! In this action-packed side-scrolling game, you'll experience epic battles between futuristic cyber dinosaurs and menacing robots. Get ready to embark on a high-octane adventure as you take on various monsters and mechanical foes, striving to upgrade your gear and evolve into the ultimate CyberDino warrior.


In CyberDino: T-Rex vs Robots, you take control of a powerful cybernetic T-Rex, equipped with advanced technology and formidable weaponry. Your mission is to traverse through dynamic side-scrolling levels, engaging in intense battles against hordes of monsters and hostile robots.

As you progress through the game, each level becomes increasingly challenging, pushing your skills and strategic thinking to the limit. Defeat enemies, dodge obstacles, and collect valuable resources to enhance your CyberDino's abilities and gear.

The game features different environments, from futuristic cityscapes to mysterious laboratories and ancient ruins. Each setting presents unique challenges and adversaries, making every level a thrilling and engaging experience.


Using Mouse

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