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Forgotten Dungeon
Forgotten Dungeon

Forgotten Dungeon

Welcome to Forgotten Dungeon, an epic RPG adventure inspired by the legendary Diablo! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey in a world of monsters, magic, and heroism. In this exciting game, you have the choice to become an archer, a warrior, or a wizard, each with a unique set of skills and abilities. Explore vast areas, hunt dangerous monsters, and gain experience points to level up and become more powerful. Strengthen your character by equipping them with mighty gear found or purchased throughout your adventure. Make sure to wisely spend your skill points and learn new abilities as you level up. Step into this fantastical realm, defeat evil, and forge your destiny in Forgotten Dungeon!


In Forgotten Dungeon, you begin your journey by choosing one of three classes: archer, warrior, or wizard. Each class has its distinct skills and playstyle, catering to different combat preferences. Venture into vast and treacherous areas, inhabited by hordes of menacing monsters.

Defeating monsters grants you experience points, allowing you to level up and improve your character's attributes. As you explore and battle, you'll come across various powerful gear, enhancing your hero's abilities and granting them new strengths.

Remember to allocate your skill points wisely and learn new skills with each level gained. Customizing your character's skills is crucial to becoming a formidable force against the dark forces that lurk within Forgotten Dungeon.


  1. Epic RPG Adventure: Embark on a thrilling and immersive RPG adventure, inspired by the iconic Diablo.

  2. Choose Your Class: Select from three classes: archer, warrior, or wizard, each with unique skills and abilities.

  3. Monster Hunts: Explore dangerous areas and hunt monsters to gain experience points and items.

  4. Powerful Gear: Strengthen your character by equipping them with powerful gear found or purchased.

  5. Skill Progression: Wisely spend skill points and learn new abilities to become a versatile and powerful hero.


Using Mouse

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