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Foundation Kingdom Build Guard
Foundation Kingdom Build Guard

Foundation Kingdom Build Guard

Welcome to Foundation Kingdom Build Guard, a captivating casual simulation adventure game that takes you on an epic journey through a medieval world overrun by darkness and monsters. As the brave guardian of the kingdom, you must mine, build, farm, and explore new lands to collect valuable resources and restore justice. Your ultimate mission is to rid the world of terrifying monsters and unveil the mystery behind their invasion. Prepare for thrilling nights where monsters attack, and your strategic prowess will be put to the test. Embark on an exciting quest to free the medieval world and its inhabitants from the clutches of darkness!


  1. Rebuild the Kingdom: Start by rebuilding and expanding your medieval kingdom. Gather resources by mining, farming, and exploring various lands. Use these materials to construct buildings, defenses, and structures essential for the kingdom's growth and defense against monsters.

  2. Defend Against Nightly Attacks: Be prepared for nightly monster attacks. Build strong defenses and strategically place guards and soldiers to protect your kingdom from the menacing creatures. Equip your defenders with the best gear available to increase their combat effectiveness.

  3. Unravel the Mystery: As you progress through the game, uncover the secrets behind the invasion of monsters. Embark on quests and explore new territories to reveal clues that will help you solve the mystery and put an end to the darkness.

  4. Grow and Manage Your Kingdom: Manage resources wisely to ensure the growth and prosperity of your kingdom. Invest in infrastructure, research technologies, and keep the inhabitants happy to enhance productivity and resilience against the looming threat.


 - Learn about new places. With an ax and a pickaxe, gather materials; these will aid in your exploration of new territories.

 - Extract resources automatically. Allow miners, farmers, and lumberjacks to work. You can automate the resource extraction process with their assistance.

 - Investigate the unusual farming method. Sick of cutting iron ore and felling trees? Start a farm and grow crops for your animals to eat.\

 - Profit from it. The game includes the market. All of the harvested resources can be sold here.

 - Guard your realm. The monsters will assault your kingdom every night and attempt to ruin everything you have worked so hard to create. Stop this from happening! Create towers and hire defense personnel.


 WASD / arrow keys / hold left-click and move / mobile touchpad = move

 Left-click = interact with the in-game UI

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