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Furcifer's Fungeon
Furcifer's Fungeon

Furcifer's Fungeon

Welcome to Furcifer's Fungeon, an enthralling loot-based dungeon crawler action roguelike that will immerse you in a world of endless adventure and strategic gameplay. Delve into the depths of the Fungeon, where danger and treasure await at every turn. Prepare to forge powerful character builds using a vast array of common, rare, and legendary items. With each run, you'll gather new equipment and upgrades, empowering yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.


In Furcifer's Fungeon, you take on the role of a brave adventurer seeking glory and riches in the perilous depths of the dungeon. Your journey begins with selecting a character class, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. As you descend further into the Fungeon, you'll encounter hordes of monsters, treacherous traps, and powerful bosses.

The game's roguelike nature means that every run is unique, and death is permanent. However, fear not! With each run, you'll collect a variety of items and gear, which can be used to customize and enhance your character's abilities. Piece together powerful character builds by strategically choosing which items to equip, creating different playstyles and tactics for each run.


  • Loot-Based Gameplay: Explore the Fungeon and defeat enemies to discover a wide range of loot, including common, rare, and legendary items.
  • Character Progression: Gather experience points and improve your character's skills as you progress through the dungeon. Unlock new abilities and talents to bolster your chances of survival.
  • Unique Character Classes: Choose from a selection of diverse character classes, each with its own set of strengths and abilities.
  • Upgrade System: Use the items and resources collected during runs to upgrade your character, enhancing their stats and capabilities for future adventures.


 WASD = move

 Left-click = attack

 Right-click = special attack

 Space = dash

 Esc / O = pause

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