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Gobo Desert of Cubes
Gobo Desert of Cubes

Gobo Desert of Cubes

"Gobo Desert of Cubes" is an engaging side-scrolling 2D platformer that combines the excitement of platforming with intricate puzzle-solving elements. Set in a captivating desert environment, players take on the role of Gobo, navigating through a world of cubes and challenges. The ultimate objective is to guide Gobo to the exit door and lead him to escape the enigmatic Desert of Cubes.

Gameplay Overview:

In "Gobo Desert of Cubes," players embark on a thrilling adventure as they maneuver Gobo through a visually captivating desert landscape made up of cubes. The game features a blend of traditional platformer mechanics and intricate puzzles that challenge players to think critically and strategically.

Key Gameplay Elements:

  • Platforming Challenges: Players must guide Gobo through various platforming challenges, including jumping, running, and navigating through treacherous terrain.
  • Puzzle Solving: The game places a strong emphasis on puzzle-solving elements, requiring players to manipulate cubes, trigger mechanisms, and unlock pathways to progress.
  • Environmental Interaction: Interacting with the environment is essential to overcoming obstacles. Players will need to push, pull, and arrange cubes strategically to create paths and solve puzzles.
  • Level Design Variety: "Gobo Desert of Cubes" offers a diverse range of levels with varying challenges, ensuring that players are constantly faced with new and engaging puzzles and obstacles.
  • Exit Door: The primary goal is to guide Gobo to the exit door in each level, which leads to the next stage of the adventure.

Key Functions:

  • Cubic Environment: The game's world is constructed using cubes, creating a unique visual style that also serves as the foundation for many of the puzzles.
  • Puzzle Elements: Players will encounter a variety of puzzle elements, including switches, moving platforms, traps, and more, which must be manipulated to progress.
  • Physics Mechanics: The physics of cubes plays a pivotal role in solving puzzles and navigating the terrain. Players will need to consider gravity, momentum, and the interactions between cubes.


 A/D = move

 Space = jump

 E = roar and pick up bones to shoot

 R = restart

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