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Happy Candy
Happy Candy

Happy Candy

Welcome to the delightful world of Happy Candy, where adorable candy-loving monsters roam and your goal is to collect candies and gold coins while avoiding dangers. Dive into a whimsical adventure as you guide these sweet creatures through various challenges, collecting treasures and spreading happiness along the way.

How to Play Happy Candy:


Your main objective is to guide the candy-loving monsters, collect candies and gold coins, and avoid hazards such as thorns and moving spines.


  • Candy Collection: Control the monsters and guide them to collect as many candies as possible. Candies are essential for keeping the monsters happy and progressing through the game.
  • Gold Coins: In addition to candies, collect gold coins to earn points and unlock new features or characters.
  • Avoid Hazards: Watch out for thorns and moving spines that can harm the monsters. Colliding with hazards will result in losing a life.
  • Monster Interaction: Some levels might require you to use multiple monsters to overcome challenges. Use your strategy to coordinate their movements and reach your goals


Using Mouse

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