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Incredibox Outage
Incredibox Outage

Incredibox Outage

Embark on a creative and innovative musical journey with Incredibox Outage, an online game that seamlessly merges interactive gameplay with the magic of music. With the simple yet impactful tagline, "Use headphones for a better experience!", this game beckons players to explore the world of sound by using drag-and-drop mechanics to create captivating vocal compositions. Whether you're a music enthusiast or simply seeking a delightful way to spend your time, Incredibox offers a captivating opportunity to experiment with melodies and rhythms.

Gameplay Mechanics

At the core of Incredibox lies a gameplay mechanic that is both straightforward and engaging. Players are introduced to a group of characters, each represented by an icon. By effortlessly dragging and dropping these icons onto characters, players can orchestrate harmonious singing, weaving mesmerizing tunes. Conversely, players can halt the singing by dragging characters away, enabling them to experiment and craft unique musical arrangements.

Instructions And Enhancements

Incredibox ensures that players are well-guided through their musical journey by providing clear instructions on how to interact with the characters and icons. As an added bonus, the game addresses technical issues as they arise, offering players a seamless and uninterrupted experience. For an optimal and immersive musical journey, players are strongly encouraged to use headphones. Doing so elevates the depth and quality of the game's musical elements, transforming it into an auditory delight.

Bonuses And Combos

One of the game's most exciting features is the incorporation of bonus combos, which elevate the creative potential of the gameplay. These combos are achieved by strategically combining specific characters or icons, resulting in a kaleidoscope of musical possibilities. Here are a few captivating examples:

Shattered (Bonus 1): Combo: b1 b3 e1 m3 v1 This combo manifests a composition with a distinct and captivating sound, perfectly encapsulating the theme of "shattered." Players can experiment with various combinations to produce a wide spectrum of musical effects.

Wanted (Bonus 2): Combo: b3 b2 b4 e5 v4 The "Wanted" combo unleashes a harmonious blend of sounds, creating an energetic and dynamic musical arrangement. This combo encourages players to explore the boundless possibilities of icon combinations.

Hill (Bonus 3): Combo: e4 m1 m4 v2 v3 The "Hill" combo crafts a tranquil and soothing melody that transports players to a serene sonic landscape. This combination showcases the remarkable versatility of the game's mechanics.


Incredibox acknowledges the creative contributions of its community members, giving due credit to danik2car for the voice 3 design and thatmanyousaw13 for some of the mouth designs. This collaborative effort enriches the game's content and adds to its overall charm.

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