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Infection Z
Infection Z

Infection Z

Prepare to embark on a thrilling clicker game adventure in Loot Box Hero, where you'll wield your mighty clicks to defeat enemies, accumulate coins, and ascend the ranks of power. As you journey through this immersive experience, you'll unleash upgrades, unlock loot boxes, and amass an arsenal of items that snowball your strength. How far can you push your limits? The challenge awaits.


In Loot Box Hero, your fingers become your weapon as you click your way to victory. Defeat enemies to earn coins that serve as your currency for upgrades and enhancements. Open loot boxes to collect valuable items that enhance your prowess and propel you further into the game.

Core Functions and Features

  • Clicker Mechanics: The core of the game revolves around clicking to defeat enemies and earn coins. Your clicking speed and precision become key factors in your journey.
  • Upgrade Arsenal: Spend your hard-earned coins on a variety of upgrades that amplify your clicking power. Enhance your effectiveness in battles and expedite your progress.
  • Loot Box Bonanza: Open loot boxes to uncover an assortment of items that boost your abilities. These items contribute to a snowball effect, progressively strengthening your character.
  • Endless Challenge: The game tests your endurance and determination as you strive to overcome increasingly formidable enemies and extend your reach.


Using Mouse

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