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Knight's Blade
Knight's Blade

Knight's Blade

Journey into a realm of Medieval Fantasy in Knight's Blade, an enthralling RPG that beckons you to slay enemies, upgrade your equipment, and traverse diverse landscapes to discover more formidable foes and powerful enhancements. Within this captivating world, a unique combat system sets the stage for your heroic exploits.

Embarking on Story Chapter 1

A few centuries ago, the once-uninhabited cave near a human settlement became home to a group of slimes led by a colossal slime adorned with a golden-ruby crown, the Slime King. Initially perceived as non-hostile, the slimes thrived within the Mana Cave, resulting in the creation of precious mana crystals. The cave's discovery, however, led to conflict. A renowned Knight and a squadron of elite soldiers were sent to vanquish the slimes, but they fell in battle, leaving the legendary "Knight's Blade" lost within the cave.

Now, as the Knight's Blade remains out of reach, a quest is issued by the king, offering not only the legendary weapon but also knighthood within the realm to the one who retrieves it.


In Knight's Blade, the path to glory is paved with battles, upgrades, and exploration. As you traverse different areas, your character's journey unfolds against a backdrop of epic quests, formidable adversaries, and the allure of enhancing your equipment and abilities.

Key Functions and Features

  • Dynamic Combat System: Prepare to engage in battles like never before with a combat system that's unique to Knight's Blade. Master the mechanics to triumph against foes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Equipment Upgrades: As you advance, upgrading your equipment becomes essential for facing tougher adversaries. Enhance your weapons, armor, and gear to gain the upper hand in combat.
  • Progressive Exploration: Move between different areas, each housing its own challenges and stronger enemies. Discover hidden secrets, complete quests, and unlock new opportunities for advancement.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Immerse yourself in the captivating lore of the game's Medieval Fantasy Setting. Experience a tale of slimes, a legendary blade, and the quest for knighthood.


 WASD / left-click = move

 E = interact with people/object

 Hold space = run

 Left-click = interact with the in-game UI

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