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Kogama Parkour Professional
Kogama Parkour Professional

Kogama Parkour Professional

Welcome to Kogama Parkour Professional, an exhilarating and epic parkour game that will put your skills to the test! Get ready to embark on a high-flying adventure, where your agility, precision, and quick reflexes will be the key to mastering challenging parkour courses. Prepare to defy gravity, leap across obstacles, and show off your parkour prowess as you navigate through a world of thrilling jumps and daring stunts. Are you ready to become a parkour pro? Let the fun begin!


In Kogama Parkour Professional, you'll find yourself in a dynamic 3D environment filled with intricate parkour courses. Your objective is to maneuver through these courses using your parkour skills to jump, climb, and run your way to the finish line.

As you progress through the game, the parkour courses become more complex and demanding. You'll encounter various obstacles, moving platforms, and challenging jumps that require perfect timing and precision. The goal is to reach the end of each course as quickly as possible while avoiding pitfalls and hazards.


  1. Parkour Challenges: Test your parkour skills in a series of challenging and engaging courses. Each level offers a unique set of obstacles and jumps to conquer.

  2. 3D Environment: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and visually appealing 3D world, designed to enhance the parkour experience.

  3. Leaderboards: Compete against other players to achieve the fastest times on each course. Climb the leaderboards and show off your parkour expertise to the community.

  4. Customization: Personalize your character with various outfits, accessories, and skins to stand out while conquering the parkour challenges.

  5. Community and Multiplayer: Join forces with friends or other players in multiplayer mode. Collaborate to overcome obstacles and complete courses together.


 WASD or arrow keys to move

 Left click to shoot

 V to drop weapon

 Q to holster weapon

 E to use weapon or vehicle

 Space bar to jump

 K to suicide

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