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Magic Hands
Magic Hands

Magic Hands

Prepare for a whimsical journey into the enchanting world of Magic Hands, a delightful casual game where you harness the power of magic to fend off approaching enemies. With a plethora of unique key combos at your fingertips, you'll craft magical spells that banish foes across various levels. Step into the shoes of an almighty wizard and embark on a quest filled with spellbinding challenges.


In Magic Hands, the stage is set for you to become a masterful wizard, defending against incoming enemies using a repertoire of magical abilities. With carefully timed key combinations, you'll weave enchanting spells to thwart your adversaries and progress through captivating levels.

Core Functions and Features

  • Combo-Based Magic: Employ your dexterity and timing to cast spells on approaching enemies. Utilize different key combinations to unleash a diverse array of magical attacks.
  • Wield Unique Spells: Each two-button combo conjures a distinct magic move, ranging from fiery meteor showers to icy tornadoes. Precision and strategy are paramount to success.
  • Skill-Boosting Buffs: At the start of each round, select a buff that enhances your abilities. These in-game boosts range from quirky additions like TNT-bearing turkeys to cataclysmic asteroid impacts.
  • Progressive Unlockables: Advance through the game to unlock new magical abilities. Combine these unlocked abilities to create a mesmerizing symphony of unique moves and effects.
  • Customization Options: Explore the skins tab to unlock and use custom skins for your wizard. These skins add a touch of personal flair to your magical journey.


 Left mouse button = move the camera

 Keyboard = use special elements

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