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Miners' Adventure
Miners' Adventure

Miners' Adventure

Welcome to Miners' Adventure, an exciting two-player mining platform game that brings friends and family together for a thrilling cooperative experience. Take control of either grandpa or his grandchild as they embark on a mission to collect riches by mining underground and discovering precious gems and stones. Each character possesses unique abilities, and players must work together to solve puzzles and progress through each level. With retro graphics and engaging gameplay, can you help Grandpa and his grandchild mine their way to success and fortune?


  1. Dual Keyboard Controls: Miners' Adventure utilizes dual keyboard controls, allowing two players to play simultaneously. Each player controls one character - either grandpa or his grandchild.

  2. Collect Gems and Stones: Your objective is to mine underground and collect all the available gems and stones in each level. Both characters have specific abilities that you must use strategically to navigate the challenges.

  3. Cooperative Progression: Cooperation between players is essential to progress through the game. Work together to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and reach hidden areas to maximize your gem collection.

  4. Retro Platform Gameplay: Traverse through well-designed platform levels, each presenting unique challenges that test your coordination and problem-solving skills.


 - Dual-player game

 - Each character possesses unique skills.

 - Traps and monsters in the mine

 - There are many steps to be taken.


Player 1 controls

  • WASD to move
  • F to shoot
  • G to use whip
  • T to use key

Player 2 controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • K to dig
  • L to throw grenade
  • T to use key
  • Press up arrow twice to double jump

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