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Monster Sanctuary
Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary

Embark on a thrilling 2D RPG adventure in Monster Sanctuary, where you step into the role of a young and proud Monster Keeper. With the companionship of a loyal spirit animal, journey through a fantasy world filled with countless monsters. Battle and tame these creatures, forming your own party of powerful monsters to become the greatest Monster Keeper of all time. Choose your spectral familiar, train your monsters, and uncover the mysteries that threaten the peace between humans and monsters. Get ready to immerse yourself in turn-based combat, skill trees, and Metroidvania-like exploration in this detailed and fun-to-play monster-collecting game!


  1. Choose Your Spectral Familiar: Begin your adventure by selecting one of four spectral familiar characters, including the Spectral Wolf, Toad, Eagle, or Lion. Each familiar belongs to an ancient bloodline of proud monsters, boasting unique skills, stats, and affinities with elements like earth, fire, or water.

  2. Tame Monsters and Battle: Battle countless monsters throughout your journey and tame them to add to your party. Each monster has its own set of attacks, stats, weaknesses, and resistances. Carefully analyze the information provided and strategically use the best attacks during turn-based combat.

  3. Upgrade the Skill Tree: Each monster possesses a unique skill tree. Upgrade this tree to unlock powerful new abilities for your monsters. As they level up, their basic stats, such as health and mana, will also improve, making them stronger in battle.

  4. Hatch Monster Eggs: Collect monster eggs from battles and hatch them to gain new monsters for your team. Upgrade and train these newly hatched monsters to include them in future battles. Monster Sanctuary's rich monster collecting aspect makes it a delight to explore and discover new creatures.


 - RPG with gameplay for taming monsters

 - 2D side-scrolling game with pixel art

 - Your family's symbol might be any one of four spirit animals.

 - Lots of monsters to catch

 - A number of upgradeable monster skills

 - A wonderful place to travel


 Left or right arrow to move

 Space bar to jump

 Esc to open menu

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