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Monsters Merge

Monsters Merge

Welcome to the enchanting world of Monsters Merge! In this unique and captivating game, you'll join the journey of an ordinary farmer who, in the face of adversity, turned the tables by transforming the monsters that once ruined his farm into a profitable venture. Embark on this exciting adventure as you catch, merge, and manage these monsters to create a thriving monster farm. Your goal is to not only rebuild your farm but also turn it into a successful business by selling tickets to curious visitors who want to see your unique and fascinating monster creations.

How to Play Monsters Merge:


Your primary objective is to catch and merge monsters to create new and captivating creatures. As you build your collection, you'll attract visitors to your monster farm, ultimately generating revenue by selling tickets for a chance to witness these extraordinary beings.


  • Catching Monsters: Use your skills to catch monsters that roam around your farm. Each monster has unique traits and characteristics.
  • Merging Monsters: Combine monsters of the same type to create new and more complex creatures. Merging monsters is essential to expanding your collection and offering visitors a diverse range of attractions.
  • Creating a Farm: Arrange your monsters on your farm in an organized manner. The arrangement and layout of your monsters can influence the experience of your visitors.
  • Selling Tickets: As your farm gains popularity, sell tickets to visitors who are eager to see your unique monster creations up close. The income generated from ticket sales will help you rebuild and expand your farm.


  • Catch and Merge: Capture monsters and merge them to create new and exciting creatures with diverse traits.
  • Farm Management: Organize your monster farm to optimize the visitor experience and attract more customers.
  • Ticket Sales: Sell tickets to visitors who are curious about your fascinating monsters, generating income for your farm's growth.


Using Mouse

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