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Music Genie
Music Genie

Music Genie

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Music Genie! This exciting game combines music, reflexes, and strategy as players control a nimble bouncing ball on a vibrant, multi-colored path. The objective is to guide the ball to jump on short colored bars that match its own color while avoiding bars of different colors. With each level, the game challenges players' reflexes and strategic thinking as they navigate through the dynamic and rhythmic journey. 

How to play 

 - Object: Your goal is to make the ball land on short colored bars that match its own color.

 - Match colors and avoid collisions: As the ball progresses, long strips may appear on the path, causing the ball's color to change. Adjust your jumps accordingly to match the new color of the ball with the corresponding colored bars. Be cautious not to let the ball hit a bar of a different color, as it will end the game.

 - Collect stars and unlock abilities: Along the path, stars will appear. Collect these stars to earn additional points and unlock special abilities. These abilities can enhance your gameplay and help you navigate through more challenging levels.

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