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Night Watchman
Night Watchman

Night Watchman

Prepare to immerse yourself in the spine-chilling world of Night Watchman, a horror game that unleashes jump scares, eerie characters, and a sense of lurking danger in the dark. As you take on the role of the Night Watchman, you must navigate a terrifying ordeal reminiscent of Hide and Seek, contending with sinister figures and malevolent dolls reminiscent of the FnAF universe. With quick reflexes and nerves of steel, you'll cover your eyes and strike at the perfect moment - lest you fall victim to the lurking horrors.


In Night Watchman, the shadows hold more than just the absence of light. As the Night Watchman, you must endure a nerve-wracking ordeal where covering your eyes becomes a calculated survival tactic. Ghostly apparitions and eerie dolls from a nightmarish dimension seek to test your bravery and tenacity.

Core Functions and Features

  • Survival in the Dark: Alone in the darkness, you wield a weapon and the instinct to shield your eyes in perilous situations. Your mission is to safeguard the area from malevolent ghosts and nightmarish dolls.
  • Strategic Strikes: As the eerie figures approach, you'll cover your eyes and await the opportune moment to strike. Precision timing is essential, as delaying too long could lead to your downfall.
  • Weapon Selection: After each harrowing round, you'll have access to an array of tools to confront the sinister foes. Choose from a flamethrower, electric bolts, and more to eradicate the looming threats.


Using Mouse

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