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Ninja Rian
Ninja Rian

Ninja Rian

Step into the shadows of ancient Japan in Ninja Rian, an exhilarating action-adventure game where you embody a skilled ninja on a heroic mission to rescue the captured princess from the clutches of the evil Dracula. Your journey will take you through treacherous landscapes, dark dungeons, and deadly traps. With your mastery of stealth, combat, and ancient ninja techniques, you will face daunting challenges and confront powerful adversaries. As the last hope to save the princess, channel your inner ninja spirit and embark on a thrilling quest to defeat Dracula and rescue the royal damsel in distress!


In Ninja Rian, you take on the role of a legendary ninja warrior. Your primary mission is to rescue the kidnapped princess from the malevolent Dracula's fortress. As you progress through the game, you'll face a series of perilous obstacles and cunning enemies that will put your ninja skills to the ultimate test.

Stealth and precision are vital in your journey. Sneak through shadowy corridors, avoid guards, and eliminate threats with swift and silent strikes. Unleash your arsenal of ninja weapons, from shurikens to katanas, to face foes head-on when stealth is no longer an option.


 Moving: left/right arrow or A/D

 Jumping: W or up arrow

 Jumping down: S or down arrow

 Sword attacking: J

 Throwing: K

 Dashing: L

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