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Once Upon A Coma
Once Upon A Coma

Once Upon A Coma

Once Upon A Coma beckons you into an enchanting yet haunting adventure as you step into the shoes of Pete. Emerging from a coma, Pete awakens to a world that has morphed into shadows and an enigma, far removed from the reality he once knew. Developed as an alluring adventure game, this narrative-driven experience delves deep into mystery and exploration, promising an enthralling journey of self-discovery.

Unraveling the Veil of Mystery

As you assume the role of Pete, you grapple with the enigma of your surroundings. The world you once called home has undergone a remarkable transformation, shrouded in darkness and riddles. To traverse this new realm, you must explore its uncharted territories, unearthing its secrets and piecing together its fragmented reality.

A Tale of Family Bonds and Desperation

While the world around you has transformed, one element remains constant - your unwavering love for your sister. Upon reawakening, you are confronted with the distressing realization that your beloved sister is nowhere to be found. Driven by concern and determination, you embark on a journey to find her, navigating through the strange and twisted landscape that now surrounds you.

Features that Illuminate the Adventure

  • Epic Adventure-Platformer Gameplay: Immerse yourself in a side-scrolling adventure-platformer, guiding Pete through a visually captivating world filled with challenges and puzzles.
  • Eloquent Artistry: Be captivated by the game's beautiful artwork that paints the landscape with a blend of ethereal wonder and foreboding mystery.
  • Narrative Depth: Delve into a storyline that goes beyond the surface, inviting you to uncover layers of intrigue and unravel the threads of a deeper narrative.
  • Interactive Exploration: Engage with a multitude of objects strewn across the landscape, each with its own significance and potential clues to unlock.
  • Puzzle-Solving Challenges: Encounter various intricate puzzles that test your intellect and ingenuity, adding a layer of depth and satisfaction to your journey.


 WASD or arrow keys to move

 X to swing the sword

 Z to jump

 Space bar to interact

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