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Pixels for Christmas
Pixels for Christmas

Pixels for Christmas

Gear up for a festive gaming experience in Pixels for Christmas, an action-packed platformer game with delightful pixel graphics and a Christmas theme! With the joyful spirit of the season, embark on an exciting adventure to collect golden pixels and immerse yourself in the holiday cheer. No maps are needed, as the surprise-filled journey leads to an exciting ending. So, get ready to spread some Christmas magic through merry platforming!


Embrace the Christmas Theme: Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as you traverse through pixelated Christmas landscapes. The joyful ambiance sets the stage for a merry platforming adventure!

Collect Golden Pixels: As you explore each level, keep an eye out for golden pixels. Your objective is to gather as many of these special pixels as you can to spread Christmas cheer.

Navigate the Pixelated World: Overcome challenging platforming obstacles and enemies as you jump, dash, and maneuver your way through the pixelated world. The journey may be tricky, but the rewards are worth it!

Enjoy the Surprise Ending: There's no need for a map in this game. Embrace the thrill of exploration, and let the surprise ending unfold as you complete the levels.


 AD or left and right arrows to move

 W or up arrow to jump

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