My Singing Monsters

Welcome to, a thrilling multiplayer game that mixes the enthralling sea monster world with the addicting action of! In order to become the dominant force of the sea, you play as a strong sea dragon that must travel through enormous oceanic worlds. Prepare for a titanic struggle for supremacy and survival!

 The game play of

In, your main objective is to feed the colorful orbs strewn around the water in order to grow your sea dragon. Your sea dragon will gain size and power as you eat these orbs. However, you need to be wary of other players' sea dragons since if you get in their way, they might eat you. The more substantial you get, the more intimidating you are, but you also make a more alluring target for other players.

Simply move your pointer in the right direction to navigate the water. You can expect your sea dragon to follow, smoothly slithering through the water. You must outmaneuver opponents and avoid collisions if you want to avoid being instantly defeated by contacting another sea dragon or its tail.

You'll discover special skills and power-ups that can offer you an advantage in combat as you advance and mature. These skills can temporarily increase speed or make a sea dragon invincible, or they can unleash powerful strikes that can kill competing sea dragons. To acquire an advantage and declare your supremacy over the water, use them wisely.


 Move your mouse to control the sea dragon's movement

 Press left mouse button to boost movement speed

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