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Skibidi Toilets: Infection
Skibidi Toilets: Infection

Skibidi Toilets: Infection

Prepare for a thrilling and action-packed adventure with "Skibidi Toilets: Infection." Step into the shoes of a Cameraman Agent tasked with a critical mission – to eradicate the menacing Skibidi Toilet monsters. As a beacon of hope, you're armed with an Anti-Parasite gun to flush out the evil creatures. But there's a twist – your fellow cameramen have fallen under the control of Skibidi parasites, and you must free them from this grasp. In this high-energy game, you'll need quick reflexes, strategy, and teamwork to overcome the infection and emerge victorious.

How to play:

Skibidi Toilet: Infection offers an intense and fast-paced gameplay experience that revolves around battling monstrous parasites in a toilet-infested environment. As a Camera Agent, your main objective is to eliminate all the Skibidi Toilet monsters and cure your fellow cameramen who have been corrupted by the parasite.


  • Destroy Monsters: Equip yourself with the Anti-Parasite gun and engage in heart-pounding battles against the monsters of the Skibidi Toilet. Accurate shooting and quick decision-making are essential to pass each level.
  • Healing the cameramen: Identify your fellow videographers who have fallen under the control of the Skibidi parasite. Reach and shoot them with your Anti-Parasite gun to free them from the parasite's influence.
  • Teamwork: You cannot defeat the Skibidi Toilet monster alone. Reach out to your recovered cameramen to enlist their help in the fight. They will provide support, assist you in taking down the enemy.
  • Strategic Approach: Plan your moves and attacks carefully. Move around the environment to avoid being overwhelmed and prioritize saving the cameraman to build a stronger team.
  • Tense action: Each level is a race against time and monsters. Engage in intense battles, dodging attacks while accurately aiming to eliminate threats.


 WASD = move

 Shift = run

 Left-click = flush toilet/shoot

 Tab = Pause

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