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Talking Tom Piano Time
Talking Tom Piano Time

Talking Tom Piano Time

Talking Tom Piano Time is a delightful game that combines the joy of playing music with the lovable characters from the Talking Tom series. With its intuitive interface, captivating animations, and wide selection of songs, this game offers an entertaining experience for players of all ages. Whether you're a child discovering the joy of music or an adult looking for a fun and engaging pastime, Talking Tom Piano Time is sure to bring a smile to your face.

The game play of Talking Tom Piano Time

Players can play a range of songs on the game's virtual piano. Players can use their mouse or keyboard to play the notes because the keys on the piano correlate to various notes.

Song Selection:

Players can select from a wide range of well-known songs in the game, including mainstream, classical, and children's songs.

Recording Feature:

The performances of the players can be recorded, listened to later, or shared with friends and family.

Free Play And Challenge Modes:

Players have complete freedom to perform whatever song they want in Free perform mode. Players must continue through a succession of levels in Challenge mode, each of which is progressively more challenging.


Players can get power-ups while playing to facilitate easier level progression. Double points, time bonuses, and additional lives are some of these power-ups.

Tom's Reactions:

The primary character of the game, Talking Tom, will dance and encourage the player while they play if they are able to unlock unique reactions from him as they advance through the stages.

In-Game Purchases:

To unlock more songs, power-ups, and features, users can make a variety of in-app purchases in the game.

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