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Turbo Stars - Rival Racing
Turbo Stars - Rival Racing

Turbo Stars - Rival Racing

Get ready for an exhilarating skateboard racing experience like no other in Turbo Stars! This heart-pounding high-speed game will have you zooming through thrilling tracks, pushing your limits, and outpacing opponents in a wild and fast-paced adventure. Combining the excitement of karting with the coolness of skateboarding, Turbo Stars offers a unique and adrenaline-fueled gaming experience. Think fast, perform tricks, collect items, and dodge obstacles as you strive to become the ultimate Turbo Star. Are you ready to defy gravity, snatch coins, and wear the crown as the champion skateboard racer? Jump on your board, hit the tracks, and race to victory now!


 - Choose Your Character: Select your character from a variety of cool skateboarders. Each character has its unique appearance, personality, and style. Pick the one that suits your taste and get ready to stand out on the tracks.

 - Master the Controls: Turbo Stars offers intuitive controls designed to make racing smooth and enjoyable. Use simple swipe and tap gestures to control your skateboarder as they race through the tracks.

 - Race through Exciting Tracks: Start your racing career on the initial tracks, and as you progress, unlock new and more challenging ones. Each track is filled with twists, turns, ramps, and obstacles that will test your skills and reflexes.

 - Perform Tricks and Collect Coins: As you race, perform impressive tricks to earn extra coins. The more daring and stylish your moves, the higher the rewards. Use the coins to unlock new gear, and power-ups, and customize your character's appearance.

 - Use Power-Ups Wisely: During races, collect various power-ups that can give you a significant advantage. Speed boosts, shields, and other special items can help you gain an edge over opponents or navigate through tricky sections.

 - Compete Against Others: Turbo Stars is not just about racing against the clock; you'll also be up against up to 11 other opponents. Outpace them, use your skills, and finish as the top skateboarder to claim victory.


 Use WASD / arrow keys / drag the left mouse button to move and swing around on your skateboard.

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