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10 Minutes Till Dawn
10 Minutes Till Dawn

10 Minutes Till Dawn

In the action-packed bullet-hell roguelike game, 10 Minutes Till Dawn, players must endure intense battles against enemies and strive to survive for 10 minutes. This demo version offers a taste of the thrilling gameplay that awaits in the full game, 20 Minutes Till Dawn, available through early access on Steam. In this challenging and fast-paced experience, one crucial lesson emerges: persistence and adaptation are the keys to making progress.

To maximize your chances of surviving for 10 minutes in 10 Minutes Till Dawn, it's important to understand and apply the following gameplay mechanics:

Engage in Intense Battles:

Prepare for intense battles against hordes of enemies. Utilize your shooting skills and maneuverability to dodge intricate bullet patterns and unleash devastating attacks on your foes. Maintain focus, react quickly, and make split-second decisions to overcome challenging encounters.

Utilize Roguelite Elements:

Embrace the roguelike elements of the game, which offer a dynamic and ever-changing experience. Each playthrough presents new enemy placements, power-ups, and challenges. Learn from each attempt, adapt your strategies, and utilize the elements of randomness to your advantage.

Upgrade and Progress:

As you engage in battles and survive, collect power-ups and enhancements that can improve your character's abilities. Use these upgrades strategically to increase your survivability and damage output. Progress further each time, unlocking new content and facing more formidable adversaries.


WASD = move
Left mouse button = shoot

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