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A Slime Hut
A Slime Hut

A Slime Hut

Welcome to A Slime Hut, a captivating tower-defense game that offers a unique twist with its blend of defense strategies and hut management in the garden. As the defender, your mission is to continuously strengthen the defense of your hut by engaging in various management tasks within the garden. This innovative gameplay has garnered high praise, earning A Slime Hut the prestigious third place in the CrazyGames 2019 developer contest. Dive into this exciting and award-winning adventure and showcase your skills in tower defense and resource management!


  1. Hut Defense: Protect your precious hut from relentless waves of enemies by strategically placing defensive structures and slimes within the garden.

  2. Garden Management: Engage in various management tasks in the garden to gather resources, grow special plants, and nurture your slimes.

  3. Reinforce Defenses: Use the resources collected to upgrade your defensive structures and recruit more powerful slimes to bolster your defense.

  4. Master the Strategy: Plan your hut defense and garden management strategically to withstand increasingly challenging waves of enemies.


Using Mouse

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