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Welcome to Bacteria, an exciting and casual game that taps into your creativity and imagination. In this game, you have the power to inject bacteria into creatures and witness their transformation into monstrous beings! Unleash your creative instincts as you experiment with different combinations of bacteria and observe the fascinating results. The game offers a platform for strategic thinking and discovery, allowing you to produce powerful and unique creatures with distinct abilities and characteristics. Dive into the world of bacteria manipulation and experience the thrill of witnessing your creations evolve into formidable monsters!

How to play

You are given a variety of organisms to work with in Bacteria as a canvas for your experiments. Your job is to inject these organisms with various bacteria and track the changes that occur. Each species of bacteria has unique properties, and mixing them in different ways will have varied consequences. You'll come across new animals with various qualities as you advance through the game, providing fascinating opportunities for experimentation and development. Utilizing your imagination and strategic abilities, the objective is to construct the most powerful and terrifying monsters.


  • Diverse Bacteria: Access a variety of germs, each with its own characteristics and impacts. Try out various pairings to uncover their synergy and bring out the best in the monsters.
  • Evolution of Creatures: Watch as creatures undergo amazing changes after being injected with various microorganisms. Observe how each combination changes how they behave, look, and perform.
  • Collection System: Build a collection of your horrifying inventions using the collecting system. Keep a record of your fruitful endeavors and tell your friends or other players about them.
  • Challenges and awards: To earn awards and unlock uncommon bacteria species, complete unique missions and challenges that call for particular bacterial combinations.
  • Creative exploration and strategic thought are both encouraged by the game. Plan your bacteria injections to maximize creature growth and produce distinctive monsters.


 WASD or arrow keys or left mouse button = move

 QERT = use spells

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