My Singing Monsters

Welcome to, the delightful and engaging multiplayer cat game where you take control of an adorable little cat! Your mission is to nurture your cat by providing food, helping them grow, and engaging in exciting battles against other cats in the arena to establish dominance. With a limitless number of gems scattered across the map, you can collect them to gain XP and grow stronger. Evolve and learn new abilities as you level up, such as a lunge or a speed burst, to become the ultimate feline champion.


In, you'll assume the role of a cute cat and explore a colorful and lively arena. Your primary goal is to grow your cat by collecting gems, earning XP, and leveling up. Engage in thrilling battles with other cats in the arena to assert your dominance and prove your ferocity.


  • Adorable Multiplayer Cat Game: is a fun and cute multiplayer cat game that will capture your heart with its delightful gameplay.
  • Grow and Evolve: Collect gems to gain XP, level up, and evolve your cat with new abilities like a lunge or a speed burst.
  • Bite From Behind: To eliminate opponents, you must strategically bite them from behind for a decisive victory.
  • Special Moves: Utilize your cat's special moves to outmaneuver opponents and gain an edge in the battles.

Tips for Success

  • Collect Gems Strategically: Gather gems across the map to grow and level up, but be cautious as other cats may attempt to snatch them from you.
  • Master Special Abilities: Learn to use your cat's special abilities effectively to surprise and outwit opponents in battle.
  • Be Stealthy in Attacks: Plan your attacks from behind to ensure successful eliminations, as head-on engagements result in bouncing off each other.
  • Be Patient and Persistent: Growing and dominating the arena takes time and effort, so be patient and persistent in your endeavors.

  Dive into the charming world of, become the largest and most ferocious cat, and conquer the adorable arena in thrilling multiplayer cat battles. Showcase your skills and wit as you strive to become the ultimate feline champion, ruling the arena with your adorable yet formidable presence.


Using Mouse

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