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Dungeon Puzzles

Dungeon Puzzles

Get ready to dive into the zany and fantastical world of Wacky Dungeon, a unique and cartoonish action-packed RPG that promises hours of laughter and excitement. Developed by Blue Infinity, this game takes players on a journey through dungeons filled with the quirkiest and most unusual enemies imaginable. With its vibrant visuals, engaging gameplay, and a touch of whimsy, Wacky Dungeon offers an RPG experience like no other.


At the heart of Wacky Dungeon lies its action-packed RPG gameplay, where players take on the role of a hero plunged into a dungeon teeming with bizarre creatures. Your mission? To battle through waves of interactive enemies and bosses, each more eccentric and amusing than the last. The game's cartoonish graphics and vibrant animations create a visually appealing and immersive environment, perfectly complementing its offbeat theme.

Combat in Wacky Dungeon is anything but mundane. Engage in battles that are not only tactical but also interactive. Discover unique ways to exploit your enemies' weaknesses, utilizing an array of skills and abilities at your disposal. The diverse selection of enemies, each with its own set of wacky attacks and behaviors, ensures that every encounter is an unpredictable delight.


Wacky Dungeon brings an array of functions that contribute to its charming and engaging gameplay experience:

  • Character Progression: As you conquer enemies and traverse deeper into the dungeon, your character grows stronger. Unlock new skills, abilities, and upgrades that amplify your power and broaden your combat options.
  • Wacky Enemies and Bosses: The game's allure lies in its menagerie of bizarre and entertaining enemies. From mischievous goblins to quirky elemental creatures, each foe presents a unique challenge.
  • Interactive Combat: Engage in interactive battles that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Discover creative ways to overcome enemies and bosses by utilizing the environment and your hero's skills.
  • Loot and Rewards: Collect loot and rewards after battles, which can include valuable items, equipment, and even cosmetic upgrades. Customize your hero's appearance and gear to match your unique style.
  • Dungeon Exploration: Delve deeper into the dungeon, unveiling new levels, challenges, and secrets. Each floor introduces new enemies and surprises, ensuring gameplay remains fresh and exciting.



  • Left mouse button on PC
  • Tapping the touch screen of mobile devices

During Your Turn

  • Click at the right time to deal more damage with a normal attack
  • Click/click and hold to deal more damage with special attacks (depends on the attack type)

During Enemy Turn

Click to jump to avoid enemy attacks

Other Battle Actions

Click and hold to hide battle buttons

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