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Foreign Frugglers
Foreign Frugglers

Foreign Frugglers

Prepare for an intergalactic showdown in "Foreign Frugglers," an alien survival game that thrusts you into the role of Earth's last line of defense. As an alien invasion threatens to obliterate our beloved planet, it's up to you and your trio of comrades to stand united and thwart the impending destruction. Alien invaders are hurtling down from the skies with alarming speed, and your mission is clear: shoot them down before they reach the Earth's surface. Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding battle against extraterrestrial forces to safeguard the future of humanity.


"Foreign Frugglers" delivers a heart-racing gameplay experience focused on repelling a relentless alien invasion. As a player, your objective is to utilize your advanced weaponry to obliterate the incoming alien invaders before they can reach and harm the Earth.


  1. Alien Defense: Armed to the teeth, you and your team must defend Earth from the alien onslaught. Your mission is to eliminate the descending alien invaders before they can breach the planet's surface.

  2. Cooperative Play: Team up with three friends as you collectively strive to repel the alien invasion. Cooperation, communication, and coordinated attacks are crucial to achieving victory.

  3. Deadly Alien Arsenal: While your team is equipped with formidable weaponry, the alien invaders are not to be underestimated. They wield their own deadly weapons, and a single hit is enough to end your life.

  4. Power-Ups: Keep a keen eye out for power-ups that appear during battle. These bonuses can provide you with advantages such as enhanced firepower, temporary invincibility, or increased maneuverability.


Left and right arrow to move
Up arrow to aim
Z to shoot
X to do a somersault
R to restart
G to do a full restart

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