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Fray Fight
Fray Fight

Fray Fight

Welcome to Fray Fight, the adrenaline-pumping action game where you embark on a thrilling battle against evil hordes! As a courageous warrior, your mission is to annihilate thousands of monsters using your overpowered attacks and powerful upgrades. Get ready to unleash your fury and combat the forces of darkness in an epic showdown!


In Fray Fight, you will face relentless hordes of monsters that seek to conquer the realm. As the powerful warrior, you must unleash devastating attacks and utilize potent upgrades to defeat the enemies in your path.


  1. Intense Action: Fray Fight offers intense action with non-stop battles against hordes of evil monsters.

  2. Overpowered Attacks: Unleash your might with overpowered attacks that decimate your foes in epic fashion.

  3. Powerful Upgrades: Strengthen your abilities with powerful upgrades that enhance your combat prowess.

  4. Mass Annihilation: Engage in thrilling combat where you annihilate thousands of monsters in epic battles.

Conquer the Evil Hordes

Your mission is to stand strong against the evil hordes and show no mercy in your quest to save the realm from darkness. Unleash your warrior skills and fight fearlessly to emerge victorious.

Upgrade and Triumph

With each battle, you will earn powerful upgrades that amplify your abilities and make you an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Strengthen your character and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Embrace the Action

Prepare for non-stop action as you engage in epic battles, annihilate monsters, and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding excitement of Fray Fight.

Unleash Your Fury

Become the hero the realm needs by annihilating thousands of monsters with your overpowered attacks and prevailing over the forces of evil in Fray Fight.


 AD or left/right arrow keys = attack

 WS or up / down arrow keys = move up and down

 Enter = start the battle

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