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Grow Defense
Grow Defense

Grow Defense

Welcome to Grow Defense, an exhilarating 3D tower defense game that puts you in charge of protecting your castle from relentless waves of invading creatures! Your castle begins with basic defenses, but as the monsters grow stronger, you must upgrade your weapons and fortifications to withstand their onslaught. Accumulate gold by defeating monsters and strategically use it to bolster your defenses. Prepare yourself for challenging boss battles and put your defensive skills to the test. Get ready to embark on an epic journey to defend your castle and prove your tactical prowess!


  1. Place Defenses: At the start of each level, strategically place various defenses around your castle to fend off the incoming waves of monsters. Choose the best locations for your defenses to maximize their effectiveness.

  2. Upgrade Defenses: As you progress through the game, defeat monsters to earn gold. Use this gold to upgrade your existing defenses and unlock new powerful weapons and fortifications to enhance your castle's defensive capabilities.

  3. Battle Against Waves: Face waves of increasingly powerful monsters as the game advances. Adjust your strategies and upgrade your defenses accordingly to endure the growing challenge.

  4. Boss Battles: Along the way, you'll encounter formidable boss monsters. Prepare for intense battles and devise specialized tactics to defeat these powerful foes.


 - A good blend of idle and clicker games The appearance of the castle changes as you upgrade everything.

 - Different upgrade options

 - Numerous sorts of monsters

 - Following a certain level, a large boss


Using Mouse

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