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Hero Battle - Fantasy Arena
Hero Battle - Fantasy Arena

Hero Battle - Fantasy Arena

Enter the dark and thrilling world of Hero Battle Fantasy Arena, an action-packed and fast-paced game set in a fantasy realm. As a survivor, you must race against time and battle hordes of relentless monsters to stay alive for as long as possible. With a plethora of weapons and abilities at your disposal, take on multiple bosses and explore hidden secrets in the treacherous dungeon environment. Get ready for an intense action-survival experience with stunning graphics and endless challenges.


  1. Choose Your Hero: Start the game by selecting your hero from a diverse range of characters, each with their unique set of skills and weapons. Experiment with different heroes to find the one that best fits your playstyle.

  2. Survive Against the Horde: Once in the arena, you'll face waves of enemies eager to bring you down. Use your hero's abilities and weapons to fend off the relentless attacks and survive as long as possible. The longer you last, the tougher the challenges become.

  3. Master Combat: Engage in fast-paced close-quarters combat with swords and axes, or adopt a more strategic approach by taking out enemies from a distance with bows and crossbows. Learn to time your attacks and dodge enemy assaults to maximize your survival chances.

  4. Discover Hidden Upgrades: Throughout the dungeon environment, you'll find hidden secrets, altars, and upgrades. These discoveries will grant you new abilities, weapons, and power-ups, giving you a much-needed edge in battle.


 - Invest in defense it can save your life

 - Without regard to the character's level, skills become available throughout time.

 - It is best to pick up items as soon as possible because items on the floor won't vanish.

 - Running in circles will only make your adversaries closer to you.

 - Your attack rate increases as you take enemy hits.

 - A 40% life total healing from potions. your maximum health to receive additional healing

 - A total of eleven hero characters: Each of the following heroes has four to six different special abilities: Archer, Dark Knight, Fire Golem, Ninja, Paladin, Skeleton

 - Hunter, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Sorcerer, Viking, Warrior, and Wizard.


 WASD or arrow keys = move the character

 1, 2, 3 = select spell upgrade

 Left mouse button = summon enemies

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