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Idle Mobs Farm
Idle Mobs Farm

Idle Mobs Farm

Welcome to Idle Mobs Farm, a thrilling idle game that puts you in charge of building your monster collection. From skeletons to goblins and orks, the choices are endless. Purchase these monsters and watch as they work diligently, generating cash for you automatically. Sit back, relax, and witness your wealth grow as your monstrous companions take care of business. Get ready for a captivating idle gaming experience filled with monster collections and endless riches!


  1. Monster Selection: Begin your journey by choosing your favorite monsters to add to your collection. Select from a variety of creatures, including skeletons, goblins, orks, and more.

  2. Automate Cash Generation: Once you have your monsters, they will work tirelessly to generate cash for you. The more monsters you have, the faster your wealth will accumulate.

  3. Upgrade Monsters: Invest your earned cash back into your monsters by upgrading them. Enhance their abilities to boost their cash-generating potential, allowing you to amass even greater riches.

  4. Expand Your Collection: As you progress, unlock and acquire new monster types to diversify your collection and increase your earnings.


Using Mouse

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