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Incremental Epic Hero 2
Incremental Epic Hero 2

Incremental Epic Hero 2

Enter the enchanting world of Incremental Epic Hero 2, an idle game set in a captivating fantasy realm filled with monsters of all kinds, including slimes, spiders, foxes, and more. As the epic hero, you must complete quests, collect precious blue gems, and explore new regions, all while upgrading yourself to become more powerful and conquer increasingly formidable foes. Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting idle gaming experience, where strategic planning and steady progress are the keys to becoming the ultimate hero!


  1. Quests and Monster Battles: Begin your adventure by accepting quests and battling against various monsters. Click or tap on monsters to defeat them and earn rewards. As you progress, the monsters will become tougher, and defeating them will require upgrades and improvements.

  2. Collect Blue Gems: Blue gems are valuable resources that you'll acquire throughout the game. These gems play a vital role in upgrading your hero's abilities, skills, and equipment. Keep an eye out for opportunities to collect and utilize blue gems wisely.

  3. Explore New Regions: Unlock and explore new regions as you advance in the game. Each region holds unique challenges and rewards, providing exciting opportunities for further progression.

  4. Idle Progression: Incremental Epic Hero 2 is an idle game, meaning your hero will continue to progress and defeat monsters even when you're not actively playing. However, you can always jump back into the action to speed up your hero's advancement.


 - There are six characters available, each with a unique set of shareable and usable skills that may be upgraded.

 - Almost all of the game's monsters are captureable. They can level up to enhance their specific talents.

 - Alchemy allows you to create a wide variety of potions and enchantment scrolls that can be used to enhance your equipment.

 - You can advance tougher and faster thanks to hundreds of different upgrades.

 - Give your characters prestige so they can get strong boosts that will let them grow back even stronger.

 - With World Ascension, prestige the entire planet to get access to new content and potent enhancements.

 - To keep those older places relevant and significant, use dungeon and area prestige.

 - There are more than a hundred distinct pieces of equipment to acquire and enhance.

 - Request the return of the Bosses and a brand-new, exciting set of challenge bouts.


Using Mouse

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