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Kill-BOI 9000
Kill-BOI 9000

Kill-BOI 9000

Welcome to Kill-BOI 9000, a game with lots of action where you play as a hero entrusted with gathering hearts to enhance the powerful robot, Kill-BOI. As you work to make Kill-BOI the best killing machine, you'll encounter a plethora of terrifying foes in this exhilarating journey. Whether you go out on this quest by yourself or with a friend, get ready to unleash your power and vanquish everyone who stands in your way!

 1. The game play of Kill-BOI 9000

Your goal in Kill-BOI 9000 is to gather hearts dispersed throughout difficult stages and deliver them to the robot, Kill-BOI. As you deliver hearts, Kill-BOI's strength and powers will develop, enabling you to take on tougher foes and pass more challenging stages.

Both solo and local multiplayer modes are available in the game. In the solo mode, you take control of the main character and guide him through the various stages while slaying foes and gathering hearts. You and a friend can play together in local multiplayer mode, with one person controlling the hero and the other Kill-BOI. As you cooperate to overcome barriers and fight foes, the gameplay adds an interesting aspect.

You'll come across a variety of monstrous enemies throughout the course of the game, each with their own special advantages and disadvantages. Use your hero's abilities and weaponry in frantic combat to vanquish opponents and collect the priceless hearts required to enhance Kill-BOI.

 2. Tips and Strategies for Success

 1. Coordinate with Your Partner

 2. Master Your Hero's Abilities

 3. Prioritize Upgrades

 4. Observe Enemy Patterns, finding opportunities to counter their attacks will greatly increase your chances of success.


 WASD = move player 1

 Arrow keys = move player 2

 Space / left-click = confirm upgrade

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