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Landor Quest 2
Landor Quest 2

Landor Quest 2

Welcome to Landor Quest 2, the thrilling and mysterious dungeon adventure game that will take you on a journey full of twists and turns! As the hero, you must embark on a daring quest to battle a dark wizard hiding deep within the dungeon and save the day. Your mission is to find the keys hidden within each level to unlock doors and progress deeper into the dungeon.


In Landor Quest 2, you will face a series of challenging levels within the dungeon. Your main objective is to defeat the dark wizard, who lurks in the depths of the dungeon, threatening the safety of the realm.


  • Mysterious Dungeon Adventure: Landor Quest 2 offers a thrilling and mysterious dungeon adventure, filled with excitement and surprises.
  • Defeat the Dark Wizard: As the hero, your ultimate goal is to defeat the dark wizard and save the realm from his malevolent schemes.
  • Unlock Doors with Keys: Within each level, you must locate keys that unlock doors, allowing you to progress deeper into the treacherous dungeon.
  • Battle Fierce Beasts: Be prepared for challenging encounters with fierce beasts lurking around every corner. Use the card mechanisms to defeat them and emerge victorious.

Your journey in Landor Quest 2 will be far from easy. The dungeon holds many dangers and challenges that you must overcome with wit and strategy.


 Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move or perform a skill.

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