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Laser Lizard
Laser Lizard

Laser Lizard

Get ready for a thrilling and action-packed arcade experience in Laser Lizard! Step into the scaly shoes of a powerful lizard with a deadly laser beam and embark on a mission to spread panic through the streets. Smash buildings, burn everything with your laser, and leave a path of destruction in your wake. Even the army sent to stop you won't stand a chance against your might. Raise the rampage bar to its maximum to enter Shin mode, transforming into a dangerously powerful force for a limited time. Prepare to unleash chaos and embrace your inner destructive beast in Laser Lizard!


  1. Play as Laser Lizard: Assume the role of Laser Lizard, a fearsome reptilian creature with a devastating laser beam attack. Your objective is to cause maximum destruction and chaos in the city.

  2. Smash Buildings and Burn Everything: Roam through the streets, smashing buildings and incinerating everything with your powerful laser. Watch as the city trembles in fear at your unstoppable rampage.

  3. Destroy the Army: Even the army won't be able to stop you! Take on their forces and unleash your wrath upon any resistance that tries to halt your destructive path.

  4. Reach Shin Mode: To become even more potent, raise the rampage bar to its maximum. Once in Shin mode, you'll be incredibly powerful, dealing even more devastation for a limited time.



  • Z = smash attack
  • X = ground smash attack
  • Hold Space = jump and stomp
  • Hold C = laser (Use up arrow key / W and down arrow key / S to set the angle)
  • Left arrow key / A = move left
  • Right arrow key / D: Move right

Gamepad (Xbox / PS)

  • X / square = smash attack
  • Y / triangle = ground smash attack
  • Hold A / cross = jump and stomp
  • Hold B / circle = laser (up and down / D-pad to set the angle)
  • Left and right (D-pad) = move and trample

Laser Lizard also supports touchscreen, If you are using a mobile device, you should see virtual buttons that have the same arrangement as gamepads

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